How to Take Back Public Discourse

By George Lakoff*

The conservatives don’t have to win on issue after issue after issue. There is a lot you can do about it.

Here are eleven things progressives can do:

  • First, recognize what conservatives have done right and where progressives have missed the boat. It is more than just control of the media, though that is far from trivial. What they have done right is to successfully frame the issues from their perspective. Acknowledge their successes and our failures.
  • Second, remember to use their discourse to destroy it, not reinforce it yourself. If you keep their language and their framing and just argue against it, you lose because you are reinforcing their frame.
  • Third, the truth alone will not set you free. Just speaking truth to power doesn’t work. You need to frame the truths effectively from your perspective.
  • Fourth, you need to speak from your moral perspective at all times. Progressive policies follow from progressive values. Get clear on your values and use the language of values. Drop the language of policy wonks.
  • Fifth, understand where conservatives are coming from. Get their strict religio-political morality and its consequences clear. Know what you are arguing against. Be able to explain why they believe what they believe. Try to predict what they will say.
  • Sixth, think strategically, across issue areas. Think in terms of large moral goals, not in terms of programs for their own sake.
  • Seventh, think about the consequences of proposals. Form progressive slippery slope initiatives.
  • Eighth, remember that voters vote their identity and their values, which need not coincide with their self-interest.
  • Ninth, unite! And cooperate! Here’s how: Remember the six modes of progressive thought:
    (1) socioeconomic,
    (2) identity politics,
    (3) environmentalist,
    (4) civil libertarian,
    (5) spiritual, and
    (6) antiauthoritarian.
    Notice which of these modes of thought you use most often – where you fall on thespectrum and where the people you talk to fall on the spectrum. Then rise above your own mode of thought and start thinking and talking from shared progressive values.
  • Tenth, be proactive, not reactive. Play offense, not defense. Practice reframing, every day, on every issue. Don’t just say what you believe. Use your frames, not their frames. Use them because they fit the values you believe in.
  • Eleventh, speak to the progressive base in order to activate the nurturant model of “swing voters.” Don’t move to the right. Rightward movement hurts in two ways. It alienates the progressive base and it helps conservatives by activating their model in swing voters.

*Edited for circumstance and context, especially vis-a-vis the second and fifth recommendations.


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